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Big 12 Rewind: Week 7 - Sooner Schadenfreude

Operation Our Time Our Conference is still on schedule. Except this week it's not a running joke. 3-0 baby! We're comin for you, TCU!

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Mack Brown gets a rare bath at the Cotton Bowl
Mack Brown gets a rare bath at the Cotton Bowl
Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Texas 36 Oklahoma 20

Burnt orange nation is still trying to figure out where this performance came from after non-conference bedshittings against BYU and Ole Miss, followed up by one of the most flawed victories of the Mack Brown era up in Ames. With Robinson getting a handle on the defense and Major finally dialing in team strengths, the competent gameplanning wasn't as much of a suprise as the motivation, intensity, and dominant execution demonstrated on both sides of the ball and special teams by Texas players. It was one of those games that left both sides equally dumbfounded at the result and it feels damn good to be on the winning side of this conundrum. The Longhorns have never had two 100 yard rushers against the Sooners until Saturday when Johnathan Gray and Malcolm Brown trod over Sooners of all makes and models, leaving Big Red Auto Nation temporarily closed for repairs. The two non-offensive scores by Daje Johnson and Chris Whaley were also the first two of the season, even if they were offensive to the Sooners.

This Week in Sooner Schadenfreude

We haven't had a chance to relish Sooner misery in a long time so it's worth revisiting the fallout in Norman every day until it gets old, which it never will, so here you go.

Former 5-star WR Trey Metoyer was suspended for the team yesterday after being charged with two counts of indecent exposure. A similar offense could be charged against Bob Stoops after getting depantsed by Mack Brown. Is a public display of erection really what the Sooners needed right now?

Quotable Stoops

"In each part of the game, they outplayed us," OU coach Bob Stoops said."In each part of the game, they outplayed us," OU coach Bob Stoops said. "In each part of the game, they outplayed us," OU coach Bob Stoops said. "In each part of the game, they outplayed us," OU coach Bob Stoops said. "In each part of the game, they outplayed us," OU coach Bob Stoops said.

Yes, you have to read it five times to believe it.

"You've got to give them credit. They beat us in protection and they covered us, so it isn't all on Blake," he said. "Blake needs to keep making improvement, but like all quarterbacks, they need some support around them, too."

(Translation: It's all on Blake.)

“I believe Blake throws a good deep ball,” Sooners coach Bob Stoops said.

Duke Thomas agrees. Or was that second pick a throwaway that didn't make it to the sideline?

Josh Heupel remains clueless as to what exactly happened on Saturday

We need to play better. We’re certainly capable of it. Sometimes people on the outside don’t understand how fine of a line it is between success and failure. It’s not just one guy; is 11 guys. But 11 different guys can’t take their turn not executing the way you are capable of. Last Saturday, we are capable of playing a lot better. You saw us execute well at times. We just didn’t do it consistent enough.

(Translation: My face gets fatter by the day, we sucked, and I have no idea why.)

More glorious stats from the game, such as Jaxon Shipley passing Wane McGarity in career receiving yards.

Next Up: Texas (bye) | OU at Kansas (Stoops 14-0 coming off Texas game)

Texas Tech 42 Iowa State 35

Another tough loss for Paul Rhoads' gang, who had Tech on the ropes but once again couldn't deliver the kidney shot in crunch time. No refs to blame here as the Red Raiders other true freshman QB, Davis Webb, threw for 415 yards and 3 TDs to hold off a 14 point 4th quarter rally by the sigh-clones. Despite getting doubled up in total yardage (666 to 311), Iowa State did some damage in the kick return game, including a 95 yd TD return by Jarvis West, and also collected two Tech fumbles to keep the game close. The Cyclones D simply ran out of gas as Tech reeled off 36 first downs in 101 plays.

Next Up: Texas Tech @ WVU | Iowa State @ Baylor

Baylor 35 Kansas State 25

Daniel Sams ran through Baylor's secondary like a male stripper during rush week in Waco. Unmolested. But 30 carries for 199 yards and 3 scores wasn't quite enough. The Wildcats failed twice on 2-point conversion attempts, missed a tying field-goal try in the fourth quarter, and then Sams was picked off by Ahmad Dixon to seal the outcome and drop the Wildcats to 2-4 -- right where they goddamn should be. No curses or wizardry. Back in the natural order of things. Baylor has some typicaly gaudy stats that aren't really even impressive anymore now that we expect Tevin Reese to catch 5 balls for 184 yards and 2 TDs every week. Baylor has now won 9 straight games and the win in Manhattan was Baylor's first Big 12 road victory since 2011. Lache Seastrunk and GlascoSmithKline Martin have been splitting carries down the middle, which isn't exactly helping Willie Lyles' Heisman fundraising efforts. For charity, of course. But these things are understandably harder from behind a deli counter. And if Art Briles ever gets introduced as Texas head coach, which isn't likely, the first question from the media should be "How exactly did you land Ahmad Dixon?"

Next up: Baylor vs Iowa State | Kansas St (bye)

TCU 27 Kansas 17

The Horned Frogs did everything possible to gift Kansas it's first Big 12 victory in 23 games but Charlie Weis would have none of it. Two INTs and 3 fumbles just weren't enough. Having been tied 10-10 at halftime, Gary Patterson must have been thrilled to come out with a victory given how dismal's TCU's offense has been this year. With Trevone Boykin under center, the Horned Frogs managed only 380 yards of offense on 63 plays against the worst team in the Big 12. Now Patterson is whining about not having a bye weeks when it's next two opponents are both coming off one. You're team has bigger issues to sort out, Gary.

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