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Red River Shootout: Texas - OU 2013


Battle for the Big 12: Week 7

Happy to be 3-0 in Big 12 play and Operation: Our Time Our Conference is still on schedule. Except this week it's not a running joke.

Texas OU Pregame motivational video

Here is an exclusive look at the pregame motivational video the Texas football team watched just before the 2013 Red River Rivalry vs. Oklahoma.

Red River Post Mortem

How did that happen? Did we miss something?

Sights & Sounds from Texas OU 2013

Hook 'em.

Doubters to left of me, haters to the right...

Mack tunes out and turns up.

Mixtape: Discom-Bob-ulation


Texas-OU GameThread

Be gentle.

Tex on Fire

In which we return to the scene of repeated self-immolations, and find hope in rebirth.

Featured Fanshot

Bill Little is STREAKING into Dallas

Cover your child's eyes.

Featured Fanshot

The Red River Rivalry Drinking Game | The Daily Texan

Glug Glug Glug

Mack and Sudden Change

The terrors of sudden change for a man operating at the pinnacle of his profession.

Longhorn legends talk Texas OU

Longhorn Legends Colt McCoy, Vince Young, and Ricky Williams describe the atmosphere of the Cotton Bowl, and the purpose and meaning of this historic rivalry.

Stonie Clark

OU Sucks.

Battle for the Big 12: Week 6

The Longhorns steal one, Baylor puts up 70 again, and OU survives a scare in Norman.

Last stop on the Moxie Train: Fair Park

How does Case stack up against the Stoops brothers and OU Defense?

Texas Pregamer: HATE OU

The gloves come off as The Texas Pregamer careens towards Dallas. Crimson and Cream stops in to kick the dead horse a few times. Hang on to your butts people - it's time for some good ole fashion hate:

The Eyes of Apathy Are Upon You

Setting up for another dark day in Dallas. Will anyone care?

Team Longhorn Notches An Important OU Week Victory

Big Jake puts up a W in the only contest I care about.

Resisting the Oklahoma offense

Because offering resistance is probably the best we can hope for in this game.

Bellmont Spin Cycle on HIGH

notes and quotes from Mack Brown's Monday press conference.

Texas' dandy duds for OU

This uniform aggression will not stand.

David Ash Ruled Out vs. OU

Case McCoy will lead the way as Ash's concussion symptoms linger.