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Jamaal Charles #20 on 2013 NFL Top 100

The most under-appreciated RB in Longhorn history is counted among the NFL elite.

Peter Aiken

The Port Arthur, TX strider currently holds the highest yards per carry average of any running back in NFL history (4,536 yards rushing at an astounding 5.8 yards per carry). And he can count himself again amongst the NFL elite, garnering the #20 2013 player ranking in the NFL.

Set back by a season-ending 2011 knee injury in the opener, Charles rehabbed hard and stormed back in 2012, rushing for 1509 yards at 5.3 yards per carry, despite playing on a moribund Chiefs offense. His running style is deceptively smooth, disguising his pure speed, and he's always been a tougher guy to tackle than his size suggests. And his cuts are all too sweet.

Of course, Longhorn fans who watched the 2007 Texas offense are familiar with Jamaal's ability to overcome a spotty supporting cast and still put up crazy numbers.

Hook 'em, JC.