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Texas Longhorn Football Update: Desmond Harrison (In)eligibility

So, on Desmond Harrison...

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

...feel free to shit in one hand and hope in the other and see which one fills up first.

If he's ruled eligible in the next two weeks, it'll be because an institution outside of our program control felt charitable or didn't want to mess with it. We screwed this up because of a basic inattention to academic oversight.  Again.

Harrison was, at minimum, going to be our #3 OT.  If not the starter at LT.

So Mack, her name is Randa Ryan. She can help you.  You may have seen this woman in the halls.  She's that very competent, beloved-by-every-athlete lady you heard about who turned the baseball and basketball player APRs from the dismal 800s to a consistent 1000 every year, year-after-year, despite more pro turnover than your sport, while your football program scrapes in dead last every year and is currently flirting with the Mendoza Line of scholarship losses and a bowl suspension. BTW, we've been writing that APR article for four years running now...and I'll be writing it again next year.

Sever the last of your cronies who takes advantage of your good graces and then take whatever instincts you have as regards academic support and then quickly do the opposite.

Think of it as a trial run for OU week, Costanza.