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Collegiate Merchandising Royalties: Thanks Vince!

Once again Texas sold more officially-licensed "stuff" than any other school, and it traces back to VY.

Harry How

According to the Collegiate Licensing Company, beginning with the 2005-06, Texas has garnered more royalties from the sale of official apparel and merchandise than any other client University 8 years in a row.

We aren't sure just how much was made from this past year, but the money total from 2011-12 reached over $9.5 million. Texas shares that "found" money with the athletic department and the President's office.

The licensing of collegiate apparel and merchandise is relatively new. Collegiate Licensing Company was started in the early 1980's by former Tennessee football coach Bill Battle. He was the youngest NCAA head coach in 1970 at the age of 28. He was 59-22-2 in 7 years as the Vols coach (Phil Fulmer played for him), but was fired after consecutive 5-loss seasons.

Battle had played for Bear Bryant at 'Bama, and he got the Crimson Tide to sign on as the first school to let CLC handle their licensed sales. CLC now oversees the licensed sales for over 180 schools. The handful of programs that do not use CLC include USC, Oregon and Ohio State.

As expected, the SEC dominates the Top Ten list:

1. Texas

2. Alabama

3. Notre Dame

4. Michigan

5. Kentucky

6. LSU

7. Florida

8. Georgia

9 North Carolina

10. Arkansas

The exploits of Johnny Football moved A&M up from #19 to #12 for period from June of 2012 to June of 2013.

Texas #1 in licensing royalties 2005-06.  So what happened back then to begin such a run of sales?