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Thinking Texas Football Sales/Reader Update

The ebook preview is now available in all formats. Most recently, the Apple iStore and iTunes.

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Cooper Neill

The 2013 Texas & Big 12 Football Preview is now available in ALL formats.

That includes:

Barnes & Noble
Apple (iTunes store) - currently ranked #1 under American Football.

And if you're just a plain old computer user, you can buy it and read it easily. Read this. It requires zero technical ability. ZERO. You can do this, Luddites.


Sales update: Where we are after ten days.

Things are going well. We are very pleased with the strong early response, our excellent reviews (we're a perfect 5 out of 5 stars at all retailers), and glowing direct feedback from our readers. Not to mention constructive feedback we acted on with respect to some quick corrections and some other minor clean-ups.

We spent most of the first week ranked #1 in the Amazon store under the Football, Coaching and American Football categories, as well as top 10 in the general Sports/Outdoors category (curse those Duck Dynasty prose magicians for usurping the top spots). We're now slipping into more modest territory as sales have slowed - which is the nature of launch and maturation.

We are the #2 best seller on Smashwords in ALL categories, edging out a considerable amount of Mommy Porn and Guides to Burning Man, to name just a bit of our august company. We really appreciate so many of you making a point to buy there to help our royalty payout (which is about 30% better there than elsewhere). Needless to say, Smashwords is awed by our ability to drive sales through their site. That's because of you.

As you can see above, we're now available in every retail outfit in the market, so if you've been holding on to that B&N or Apple gift certificate, have at it.

All in all, it's a blast to log in and see our sales tick up. It's even more gratifying to read the great reader feedback.

That written...

We can do better.

What is curious to me is that though our sales are robust, they represent only a tiny sub-fraction of our overall blog readership, not to mention the broader Longhorn fan base. That means people (and I mean thousands of people, not dozens) who consistently read and enjoy Barking Carnival have not bought the book. Weird, right? Forget the book - which we think is worth every penny. If you view this as a yearly subscription buy, we're talking about 84 cents a month. Just sayin'.

Help us want to do this again.

This is a season companion, not just a preview.

Very important. This is a companion book, not a magazine. And all that that implies. It's evergreen, not deadwood. Perhaps we've done a poor job of emphasizing that. Or simply assumed that you'd think enough of us that we'd go several levels deeper than the typical preview fare.

While the season is still two weeks away, this is a great opportunity to buy a companion book for the season that explores themes that will be as timely as in November as they will be today. Not to mention weekly opponent breakdowns, conference trend analysis, observations about milestones of success to look for in offense, defense, and special teams, and approachable personnel/schematic breakdowns that will help you understand why it is that we can't run the ball inside on 3rd and 2 against TCU successfully. This is not a July newsstand impulse-buy preview magazine that you end up wondering why you even bothered.

We're exploring persistent themes that aren't going to change right after the New Mexico State kick off.

Additionally, there will be constant supportive blog content that refers to concepts in the book and other goodies. We purposefully wrote the book in a way that it can endure and offer value throughout the season. We fully understand that you average preview magazine loses all value a week out from kickoff. That's why we didn't write your average preview magazine. And we hope that consumers who still have their big toes in the water will act on the recommendations of their fellow Longhorns that this book is indeed worth the $9.99 dip.

Help us.

If you're a Texas-Ex, tell your chapter about it. If you post to a BBS, write a review there. If you have friends, tell them. If you have Twitter, Facebook, or Google Plus, like it, tweet it, feature it. When you buy it on Amazon, let other people know about your purchase. Posting an ecstatic review here is incredibly kind and affirming to us, but it's a closed feedback loop. Turn outward, please. Evangelize. We're not trying to create an exclusive document known only to a small elite. We want everyone to share in its glory.

Similarly, if you're a reader here, ostensibly because you find value in it, and you still haven't bought the book (which is, shockingly, most of our readers), pony up already. You'll really like it. Go read the reviews.

Thanks again for your support. This has been an awesome experience so far. Let's keep it rolling...

Hook 'em.

- Paul, Jason, Scott