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Thinking Texas Football 2013 Longhorn Football Preview now available at Barnes & Noble

We did it all for the Nookie.

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Spruce Derden-US PRESSWIRE

We're now live for sales on Barnes & Noble.  YES!  Please put that gift certificate from Aunt Petunia to good use.  If you use one of your free checkout privileges to get the book - good on you, we're just happy your reading it!  But you can still "pay us" by writing a review, liking it on social media, and recommending it to friends.  Deal?

Of course, you can also buy it at Amazon and Smashwords.

Also, keep in mind that:


All things being equal we get a more favorable royalty cut at Smashwords (it's worth 30% more in our pocket net) and so far user feedback has been quite pleased with their offering, but we're very grateful for WHEREVER you wish to buy the product.  Irrespective of royalty cuts, we priced it equally at all outlets, in deference to your convenience.

PLEASE NOTE: if you're a computer user only, this book is still available to you in a beautiful, readable format with less than one minute of work on your part. Read this as we walk you through each straightforward step. I completely understand if you're technically deficient, but if you're able to turn on your computer and get to this blog, you have the ability to read this book.  I just got an e-mail from a 77 year old gentlemen triumphantly crowing about the ease of it all and that he has been bragging to his grandkids about his fancy new e-reading computer capability.  He sent this missive from an address.

We now have all major retailers covered now except for Apple.  We will be available there, but they're notoriously slow. The short cut solution is to buy it on Smashwords where their epub format is nicely compatible with the iPad - we've already gotten several assurances from readers of this fact.

Thank you for your support and please keep it coming.


Hook 'em.  All of y'all have a safe weekend.