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Ole Miss Rebels @ Texas Longhorns: Hang out with Fred Akers during the game

While Texas and Ole Miss play Saturday Night, former Texas Coach Fred Akers will be live streaming commentary.

Scott Halleran

Thanks to last week's implosion at BYU, my weekend job got a little more interesting.

There is a website,, (more on that name in a moment), that is helping to turn watching college football on TV into an interactive event.

Research indicates that somewhere between 10% - 15% of those watching live events on TV are also using another device (computer, IPad, phone, etc.) to enhance the viewing experience.

Coaches Cabana has signed up 14 former college football coaches for live streaming commentary while the games are going on. They are creating a giant internet living room where you can interact with the coach, asking questions about the game via Twitter, Facebook or email. The setting will be in a sports bar or restaurant and will start 15 minutes before kick off.

The lineup has some familiar names; Danny Ford (Clemson), Ray Goff (Georgia), Jay Paterno (Penn State), Galen Hall (Florida), Jackie Sherrill (Texas A&M).

And Fred Akers for Texas.

Coach decided it was time to get the band back together and start touring, so I will once again serve as host for the regular season and bowl game (Ha!).

We will be at the Waterloo Ice House in Southpark Meadows this Saturday, starting at 6:45 pm, concluding with a 15-minute post-game wrap up. Being in on the ground floor on something like this appeals to me and it should be fun.

But there is a catch.

There is always a catch.

One of the driving forces behind the concept is Barry Switzer.

Barry pioneered the concept last season, video streaming from a cabana in his backyard - Coaches Cabana, get it???

Anyway the company decided to expand it to 14 this season and then grow in numbers in 2014. There have been several games already streamed this year that generated a good number of tweets and almost 3 million impressions. Now Texas will join in.

Again, just visit the website, and simply click on the Texas logo. That will take you to the video link, which will be activated right before airtime.

Oh, and it has already been scheduled for the Texas-OU live streaming to include both Fred and Barry - from Dallas.

The grand experiment begins Saturday 6:45 PM from the Waterloo Ice House.

Tweet your questions to @Coach_Akers and @srr50.

Anyone who tweets a question about the 1984 Cotton Bowl will be banned - for life - from Barking Carnival.