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DeLoss Dodds To Retire as Texas Longhorn Athletic Director, End of 2013

The regime change locomotive is leaving the station.

Erich Schlegel

Being reported by Chip Brown at Orangebloods.

If accurate, an important step in cleaning the Longhorn house.  Though we certainly owe him our gratitude for creating the structures for program profitability (and no, I don't mean the LHN), his time has passed as an effective manager on the personnel side.  Fans are paid in wins.  Not the number of middle managers on salary in Bellmont.

Don't worry about Dodds' finances.

Dodds, the men's athletic director, will get a raise of $72,891, upping his base salary to $700,000. Dodds' new contract would run through Aug. 31, 2015, but a provision has been added that, after serving as athletic director, Dodds, 72, could be employed part-time in another capacity at UT through Aug. 31, 2020, with a $100,000 yearly salary and benefits.

In addition, Dodds would receive a $1 million annuity after taxes if he is still employed by UT in some capacity on Aug. 31, 2014. His current contract calls for a $750,000 annuity to be paid this year.

I have a feeling "some capacity" has already been agreed to and signed off on.  Nice work if you can get it.

So, that's step one...and in the preferred order in which it needed to happen.