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Las Vegas Odds: Betting on the 2014 Big 12 Football Champion

Bovada speaks...

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Brian Kersey

Bovada put out their lines handicapping the 2014 Big 12 champion.

NCAA Football 2014-2015 Season - Odds to win the Big 12 Championship

Oklahoma                                 2/3
Baylor                                      11/4
Texas                                        7/1
Kansas State                            10/1
Oklahoma State                        10/1
TCU                                          14/1
Texas Tech                               28/1
West Virginia                             66/1
Iowa State                                100/1
Kansas                                     100/1


None of these bets represent good value - the category almost never does - but in the best of the least category, Kansas State and Baylor are interesting if you don't want to go all in on OU.

Oklahoma State is a sucker's bet and should come with a giant WARNING sign attached. They're counting on the football public going by the Cowboys' half decade run of quality without looking at the depth of devastation they underwent on defense.  We break this down explicitly in Thinking Texas Football in our Big 12 preview section and opponent previews.  Mike Gundy will turn in a very solid coaching job if he gets them to a minor bowl game. They're not in title contention.  Certainly not 10:1.  Trust me on that one.

Texas Tech could be a fun Kliff Kingsbury Krazy bet, but it's hard to invest much trust in a team that hasn't played defense since 2009.

Texas 7:1 certainly targets the public bet.

Love to hear your thoughts...