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Free Agent NFL Longhorns Fighting Mack Brown Markdown

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

The Longhorns getting goose-egged in the 2014 NFL draft was embarrassing.  I termed it the Mack Brown Markdown because I like things that rhyme and it shows my Algonquin Roundtable wit.  The kid's table.

As I wrote back in May:

If you don't think there was a Mack Brown program markdown that impacted every draft eligible Longhorn, I don't know what to tell you.  Many of these same players, at different schools or with different coaches, would have been drafted.  I can assure you of that.

The NFL teams that snapped up Longhorn free agents are already starting to benefit from the cut rate sale on undeveloped talent.  The question is how quickly those undeveloped facets can catch up to breakneck NFL coaching.

From the mandatory minicamps:

Right now, Longhorn OL Trey Hopkins is still running on the Cincinnati Bengals first team offense.  Some of that is abetted by injury to two starters, but nonetheless, he has a very good chance to make the 53 man roster.  Going against Geno Atkins in camp should determine his NFL value pretty quickly.  Getting a useful OL in free agency is a major coup for any NFL team.

Carrington Byndom is getting similar run in Carolina due to injuries and is turning some heads on a loaded Panther defense which is arguably the NFL's second best behind the Seahawks.  Byndom has been a force in OTAs and minicamp, but he's still a long way from making the team.  One of the knocks on Byndom appears to be a lack of strength. Sigh. If he gets cut because he doesn't know how to play zone, I'm going to go throughly apeshit.

Speaking of the Seahawks and ape poop, Pete Carroll must have been chuckling to himself when he nabbed Jackson Jeffcoat off of the dung heap. The Big 12 DPOY Jeffcoat has a bad injury history that compromised his strength development and he's not always stout against the run, but in Carroll's stand-up 4-3 weakside end role, he's aces.  Carroll will get exactly what he wants from Jeffcoat - insurance/leverage against Bruce Irvin and a useful asset for free.  Not quite a Russell Wilson value exchange, but can't always hit a 20 bagger.

Chris Whaley was waived by the 'Boys.  I'll never second guess the amazing roster management of Jerry Jones.

Donald Hawkins is fighting to make the Eagles' 53. Good team, good O-line, tough draw.  However, Hawkins does have a motor and some versatility and Chip Kelly digs that.

Mike Davis has a solid shot at making the Raiders roster.  A knack for getting open deep and an average group of starters mean opportunities for Magic Mike.  Plus, it's the Raiders.  Who better?

Anthony Fera will do the training camp tryout circuit.  He doesn't have a booming leg, but his versatility and accuracy inside of 45 yards should allow him a reasonable chance at finding employment if he wants to keep hammering at it.