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OU's Joe Mixon KO Assault Video Of College Girl Viewed by Media

The media had a chance to view it and even Oklahoma homers were slightly disturbed.

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

The full video will be released to the public on November 1st.

Here's the Sooner homer journalist take (there are about a dozen misspellings and grammatical errors - as you'd expect - try to hang in there)

2:39:02 a.m. video begins

Molitor and a male friend walk into camera and she is what I thought to be visibly intoxicated, leaning both of her hands onto the table in front of her.

2:39:26 a.m.

Molitor looks up (towards the enterance of Pickelmans) and motions for Mixon to come to her table.

2:39:38 a.m.

Mixon walks into frame of surveillance video.

The first thing that stuckout to me initially was that it never looked to be a true confortation. No one is being restrained. No one appears to be angry or shouting. Molitor hasn't moved and is still in the same position as she was, with Mixon now standing between her and the friend that entered with her.

Again without the audio its hard to know what now is being said between the three of them. I want to reiterate that it never appears to be a confortation. One of my biggest questions of the incident was: where were his temmates to (help) get him out of any conflict/siuation? From viewing the situation in real time, it never appeared to me that it was going to end violently.

Mixon begins to walk away and appears to say something to the male as he starts his exit out of frame. This is when Molitor initiates the physical contact with a two handed push. Mixon barely budges, clinching both fists by his side Mixon now flinches/lunges at her. This is when Molitor strikes Mixon with an open hand across the left side of his neck.

Neither the push or the slap are significant in the least bit. What made the viewing even more uncomfortable- perhaps more than I expected- is the difference in size between Mixon and Molitor.

Following the slap across the left side of his neck (she can barely reach his face), Mixon unloads a violent right handed hook. There's really not a nice or clean way of saying it. Molitor immediately falls to the floor from the stirke, hitting her face on the edge of the table in the process. Mixon immediately bolts out of frame.

2:42:02 a.m.

Molitor begins to exit towards the enterance of Pickelmans and is now no longer in view of the surveillance footage.

Couple other thoughts:

* There was nothing that struck me as threatening to Mixon's well being. I will state again she instigated the physical altercation. That is fact. However, the push compared to the punch that followed are on two different ends of the spectrum. It was shocking. I have never seen a male hit a woman with that force.

* Mixon left the incident almost as soon as she fell to the floor.

RJ Young's take after watching the Pickleman's surveillance video

The tape was clear. It was short, and it was worse than I thought it would be.

At 9 this morning, more than 20 journalists sat in a theater room at the City of Norman Investigations Center to watch surveillance tape of the incident at Pickleman's Gourmet Café involving 5-star running back Joe Mixon and 20-year-old OU student Amelia Molitor.

The angle of the surveillance camera looks down from a corner. Its lens is directly on Molitor and Mixon at the moment of the physical altercation. You couldn't ask for a better camera angle.

There's no audio to go along with the video, so no one watching the video can be sure of what was said. We can only speculate that Molitor didn't like something that was being said and summoned Mixon to her table to hash it out.

When Mixon looked like he was trying to leave after possibly saying something he shouldn't have, Molitor, the victim, initiated the physical confrontation with a push into Mixon's chest, which didn't seem to move him much.

Mixon followed by lunging at her. Molitor jerked back and slapped Mixon on the chin and neck. She swung with force but didn't connect flush or enough to make an impact on Mixon.

Immediately following the slap, Mixon leveled a punch violent enough to knock Molitor down so that her head hit the corner of a nearby table. The force of Mixon's punch caught me off guard -- even when I knew it was coming.

After throwing the punch, Mixon fled from the camera's view and did not reenter it. Molitor is left on the ground and stays down for much longer than a 10-count. She makes it back to her feet on her own but wobbles and has to be helped into a chair.

Blood streamed down her face as friends and Pickleman's patrons brought her ice and paper towels to help stop the bleeding.


The police record said that Molitor (5 feet tall, 100 pounds) had a fractured jaw, fractured cheek bone, fractured sinus and fractured orbital.

Mixon - a 6-1, 210 pound five star RB - has pleaded not guilty to the misdemeanor charge.

OU suspended Mixon on August 18th, with the proviso that he "could continue at the school under the appropriate conditions."  Given that this is the university that found a way to play and recruit a variety of psychopaths (and got a redshirt year for Dusty Dvoracek after he hit a friend with a baseball bat) the final chapter isn't written on this one. Of course, the November video release may force their hand.  Gotta punch those girls discreetly, Joe.

Mixon's Twitter suggests that he's a rocket scientist.  Minor setback, y'all.  Don't be hater.  God is on his side etc.