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2015 Texas Longhorns Football Recruiting: John Burt (Re)Commits to Texas

Here's what I wrote about the big outside WR when he originally committed (he later decommitted and was all but Auburn bound) but it appears that family dynamics (Mom thinks Strong would be good for her son; Strong would be good for most people's sons) and perhaps the suggestion that Texas may just close with a murderer's row of commitments before signing day brought Burt back into the fold.

This is a notably bizarre recruiting year in an institution that wasn't exactly known for its steadiness to begin with.

By the way, Burt's senior film is out and he's progressed noticeably - he looks bigger, he's already starting to grow into his frame and though he's not ever going to be a blazer, his ability to glide with economy but still stick his foot in the ground is somewhat startling for a guy his size.  It's subtle, but you can tell that defenders are doing a tall guy calculus when they try to track him that doesn't account for that movement.  A very similar tool set to dual threat QB recruit Kai Locksley. Check out what he does at 3:00 for an example of the fluidity I'm talking about. He's not coated in much polish, but I'm guessing Jay Norvell can help with him with that.  I still think he needs some white board and weight room time, but this is a good take that can pay dividends down the road.