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2015 Texas Longhorns Football Recruiting: 4 star TE Devonaire Clarington Commits to Horns

The Texas recruiting train is rolling and it's only stopping for ballers.  Or, like, maybe some cattle or something.  The Longhorns landed Miami TE Devonaire Clarington at the US Army All-America game where the four star standout chose the Longhorns over Miami, Florida and LSU.  Clarington represents the fourth Floridian in the class (Tim Irvin also committed today) and Strong's connections there and ability to sell some kids from tough backgrounds on the idea that getting away from their neighborhood for college is the best thing for them in the long run is playing out well.

Clarington is regarded as an elite national TE prospect and a top 25 player in his home state of Florida.  He comes from the willowy Jermichael Finley branch of the TE tree, currently checking in at 6-5, 225 or so.  Clarington has little experience with in-line TE duties, spending much of his time standing up outside, but his frame, long arms, big hands and ability to adjust to the ball will make him a major problem for college defenses when he learns to run proper routes and grows into the 240s.

Clarington has some academic issues to work through, so there is a chance that seeing Clarington on campus could be delayed a year or two.

More importantly, Texas now has a dude named Devonaire Clarington on our team.