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OU President Boren Still Beating Expansion Drum

The Big 12 can hold a conference championship game with just 10 members if they want, but OU president David Boren said that doesn't solve anything.

Brett Deering/Getty Images

Thanks to a vote at the NCAA convention, the Big 12 can hold a conference championship football game, while staying at just 10 teams. Don't expect to see one next year, but the idea is back on the table.

As far at Oklahoma President David Boren is concerned, it doesn't do much for the long-term survival of the league. Boren is an outspoken advocate of expansion, as well addressing the problem of the "network of the team down south."

He made it clear Wednesday that as far as OU is concerned, there are three issues that need to be addressed.

"The Big 12 is disadvantaged when compared to the other conferences in three ways. We do not have at least twelve members, we do not have a conference network, and we do not have a championship game. I think that all three of these disadvantages need to be addressed at the same time. Addressing only one without addressing all three will not be adequate to improve the strength of the conference,"

The Presidents of the Big 12 schools are scheduled to meet in early February, and no doubt these three issues will be at the heart of the discussion.