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Texas votes with OU to extend Baker Mayfield’s eligibility

This slipped past my radar and it may have eluded yours. The most interesting news is not that Mayfield’s eligibility was extended, but that Texas supported their hated rival in their effort to extend the eligibility of a player that finished 4th in the Heisman voting.  OU QB Baker Mayfield was able to extend his eligibility to 2017 based on a 7-3 conference vote. That ballot was a forced revote after an initial 5-5 deadlock, in which five conference mates held that a transfer walk-on (Mayfield began his career at Texas Tech) should be held out for two years for transferring to a conference competitor.

Despite the assumptions and insinuations of some OU media outlets, Texas voted pro-eligibility with OU both times...

  1. Our vote is philosophically correct, even if against our on-field interests. Will Texas get any credit for it?  Ha.  Nope.
  2. Could it engender some shared sense of purpose when we decide to blow this taco stand, with or without the Sooners?  Don't know.
  3. OU sucks, nonetheless.