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2016 WR Recruiting: Devin Duvernay's Speed

There's fast and there's FAST.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Devin Duvernay's commitment to Texas is a huge get. It doesn't take viewing many highlights to see his dynamism on the football field.

We tend to throw words like speed and burner around with respect to football players in recruiting evaluations to the point where we're desensitized to the fact that there are levels to this (h/t Meek Mill).

Let's be clear about Duvernay's level: he ran a 10.27 100 meters at the 6A Texas State Championships. He not only won the event and was the fastest kid in the entire state (which was a loaded field....the slowest kid knocked out a 10.52), but that time made him the 3rd fastest schoolboy sprinter in the nation. Unsurprisingly, he has also knocked off a laser timed 4.32 40 and vertical jumped 38 inches.  I'm going to speculate that he might have some fast twitch muscle fibers.  A respectable 4.2 shuttle run also suggest he's not just a straight liner.

In any other country, Duvernay wouldn't be headed to a Texas dorm room preparing for two-a-days...he'd be living in an Olympic training center.