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Mike Perrin on baseball hire, conference expansion via Longhorn Network

Quick summary if you don’t have 6 minutes to spare...

  • Bullish on a Big 12 title game being instituted. Traditional geographical divisions probably don’t serve us with a round robin schedule
  • Cautious about expansion - wasn’t much about it at the recent Big 12 AD meeting
  • Appreciative of Augie’s willingness to step down
  • The new baseball coach hire - he’s looking for an experienced collegiate coach, expect a hire in the next two weeks (letting CWS play out)

My thoughts:

Perrin seems like a sharp, nice guy who certainly loves Texas, but a ceremonial AD who isn’t actively scheming every day to get us out of the Big 12 and to shape our future proactively is an opportunity lost.

College baseball is interesting because it’s a minor regional sport with an outsized importance to Texas fans. Absent an Augie at CS-Fullerton candidate, you’re asking established coaches who have created their own fiefdoms to come to Texas or you’re looking at making a young hire with in-state connections and a willingness to bust their ass to bring Texas back to its potential. I personally favor the latter approach, but almost certainly expect the former.

Any Big 12 conference expansion is absolutely asinine. We should be looking for an exit, not more dead weight to carry.