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Big XII Demands Full Documentation From Baylor

Lights on, roaches scattering.

As detailed here, the Big XII has formally renewed its request that Baylor turn over documentation on any and all sexual assault investigations that have taken place at the University, leaving no wiggle room:

The Big 12 Board of Directors is gravely and deeply concerned by media reports about activities involving the athletics program at Baylor University. On May 24, 2016, the Big 12 Board requested a full accounting of the circumstances surrounding the sexual assaults at the University. At this time the Board is only privy to information that has been made available to the public.

Today, Big 12 Commissioner Bob Bowlsby sent a letter to Baylor University Interim President David Garland once again requesting all documents associated with the investigations of sexual assaults at Baylor. This request is for written materials as well as any information that has been conveyed orally to University leadership or to its Board of Regents including, but not limited to, the unedited written or verbal information from Pepper Hamilton, omitting only the names of any involved students. Internal documents pertinent to the investigation have also been requested.

Because many of the incidents at Baylor reportedly involve student-athletes, the Conference is appropriately concerned with discovery of the facts. The Big 12 is primarily configured to facilitate fair competition among its members and compliance to the rules of both the Conference and NCAA. To that end, full disclosure is vital to assess the impact on the Big 12.

"All of our member universities consider student safety and security to be paramount among institutional responsibilities," said Bowlsby. "The Big 12 Board of Directors, each member of the Conference and its student-athletes want to convey that our thoughts, concerns and sympathies are with the Baylor survivors and their families."

Following the Hindenburg-class trial balloon that some Baylor boosters tried to float last week around re-instating Art Briles, it looked like the operative plan was simply to hunker down and weather the siege.  Retain all coaches (despite the BOR's own Finding of Facts document intimating wrongdoing by multiple members of the staff,) lock down and hotbox all 2016 recruits until they lost their resolve, use Jim Grobe's reputation as a force field to deflect the barrage at Big XII Media Days, settle with every victim who was filing or contemplating suit and just wait for any more Texas Monthly articles to blow over and for the national media to move on.

Waiting out a siege can be a highly effective strategy when you doubt the resolve of the people outside your walls.

But we might have just heard Wun Wun's fist hit the gate.