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Texas Waiting on Patrick Hudson: Will Decide Thursday

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The coveted big OL will decide between the Longhorns and Sooners on Thursday after spending a weekend recruiting visit in Norman, Oklahoma.  Texas fans have to feel pretty good that Stoops wasn't able to garner a signature with a late Sunday full court press and Hudson will now have three days to deliberate.  The Top 50 National recruit is a massive athlete who wouldn't look out of place standing next to former Longhorns like Justin Blalock, Leonard Davis or Mike Williams at a similar age.  Like those big men, Hudson possesses a surprising level of athleticism to complement that frame.

Patrick Hudson and Devin Duvernay were the bell cows of the Baylor class.  Now that class is in ashes and Texas has, thus far, been the prime beneficiary landing Duvernay, his brother Donovan and OL JP Urquidez.

If Patrick Hudson joins the fold, the Longhorns will have put together extraordinary back-to-back classes in 2015/2016. Charlie Strong is probably one class and one healthy, assertive QB away from getting this back on track fully.

Hudson joining would also signal the likelihood of more attrition - certainly some of it in the OL.  The 2nd team OL didn't distinguish itself in the Spring game and it's clear to me that Matt Mattox would like to get as many high quality OL in the pipeline as possible and let Darwinian processes do their thing.

Hudson is that.  See ya Thursday.