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Kevin Durant Headlines 2016 USA Men's Basketball Team

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

The former Horn isn't bowing out of Rio like superstar peers Lebron James, Steph Curry, James Harden, Chris Paul and Russell Westbrook.....

Love that dude.

This is the roster:



Paul George

Draymond Green

Klay Thompson

Kyrie Irving

Jimmy Butler

Demarcus Cousins

DeAndre Jordan

Kyle Lowry

DeMar DeRozan

Harrison Barnes


This team has shooting (Durant, Irving, Thompson on court during clutch time isn't fair), versatility, multiple players who can guard, handle and score from two or three positions and a great ability and willingness to defend.  Jimmy Butler and Draymond will do a lot of crucial dirty work.  They're big additions.

If I have a relative concern, it's point guard.  Kyrie murders the international 3 point line and will put on some shooting exhibitions, but it's crucial that he and Kyle Lowry understand game situations - when to assert themselves, when to be selfless, to make sure to share the ball with a gifted group that can create their own shots.

Barnes may be a head scratcher, perhaps you even argue DeRozan, but if you're looking for multiple position depth, they're consistent with that philosophy.

What do you think?