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Monday Funday Longhorn Practice Video

We talkin' 'bout practice. Roughly 30 seconds of it. We need help.

Our hunger cannot be sated.  Our thirst cannot be quenched.  We demand football, or at least a football-like substance.  And on cue, delivers:

The good stuff kicks in around the 30 second mark:

  • Patrick Vahe (77 - playing left guard in this one) comes around on Power, but (as near as I can tell) Jake McMillon (64) gets wrecked by Poona Ford (95) who dumps Kyle Porter (21) at the line
  • Somebody (??) blocks the heck out of somebody (??) in the middle and Porter scoots for an untouched TD. Potentially fun camera angle, but this ain’t exactly coach’s film, here.
  • Interesting goings-on as both Perkins (76) and Nickelson (75) pull from the right side on what looks like some good old fashioned Counter Trey action, but Breckyn Hager (44) pursues from the backside to dump Porter - looks like Caleb Blueitt (42) probably missed the arc block to keep Hager out of the picture. Perkins got his block to seal Omenihu (90) inside, but I’d rather not see both his hands resting on his own belly when he makes contact.
  • Nickelson and Perkins handle business against Hager and Ford, respectively, to spring D’Onta Foreman (33 - welcome back to practice!) up the middle and remind us why in Texas, Bonney means the opposite of what Bonnie means in Scotland.
  • Tyrone Swoopes (18) drills a hitch to Jerrod Heard (13) against Brandon Jones (19) with enough room to turn it up the sideline. Nice hands catch and smooth turn from Heard, and interesting to see Jones with what looked like curl/flat responsibility. Dropping down from strong safety? Working at Nickel? I really heart these camera angles if you haven’t noticed.
  • To wrap things up, Shane Buechele (16) fires a post in to John Burt (1) as he gets past Davante Davis (9) and before Dylan Haines (14) can make it to the party. This is a pretty good preview of the fun this offense can have if the run game forces defenses into single-high safety looks - compare and contrast with yesterday’s end zone clip when Haines was getting to hang out and play one half of the field.
As tempting as it is to attempt a 500-word dissection of what Buechele and Swoopes' throws mean for the future of the QB position this season, I'll demur for now.  Let's just enjoy the smack like the addicts we are.  And for all the smack your Longhorn lovin' heart desires for the low low price of $9.95, get some TTF in your life.