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Longhorn Fall Camp Update: Defense

Texas v Baylor Photo by Ron Jenkins/Getty Images

There’s essentially one week of Fall Camp remaining. After approximately August 25th, starter spots cement and Texas will go into game prep mode for Notre Dame.

Here are some updates that I’ve gathered:

Defensive Line

Omenihu and Cottrell are in a battle at SDE. Both will play. Omenihu is just young. We predicted that he’ll get the lion’s share of snaps eventually and see no reason to change that view.

Naashon Hughes had a great offseason and it has translated into more confidence and physicality. Starting to let loose instead of second guess himself.

Poona Ford has had a solid camp. Last year, the Poonatrator struggled with nagging injuries and game plans meant to protect freshman LBs. He’s a different guy so far.

The freshmen DL are on a pitch count. Technique and strength erode after a few consecutive snaps. The freshmen that play the most will be the ones that can give 8-10 solid snaps in a row. Right now that’s Elliott-Wilbon-Christmas.

I have a hunch Daniels may be more of a factor in October.


Wheeler has the best traditional linebacking skills in the unit. Terrific camp.

Demarco Boyd won’t can’t be redshirted.

Defensive Back

The coaches feel comfortable playing as many as nine or ten guys. No defense in the Big 12 can put out the quality numbers that Texas can in the secondary.


We’re still vulnerable to the run. Should be better on situational downs, including goal line and 3rd and long. Coverage is better across the board, but base pass rush is very mediocre. Right now we’re focused on executing basic defenses and playing fast.


While what player tweaked a hamstring during a mid-August drill is riveting information, now is the perfect time to get the 10,000 foot comprehensive view on the Texas Football season, learn about the new offense, Charlie Strong’s Year 3 Dilemma and read the best preview of Longhorn opponents available.

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