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Six Notre Dame Players Arrested

Some weed, a gun, and fighting the law 'til the law won.

Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

Five Notre Dame football players were arrested last night for gun and drug charges after police found both marijuana and a pistol in their vehicle:

Among the players was starting outside linebacker Te'von Coney as well as rotational strong safety Max Redfield.  Kevin Stepherson (WR) and Dexter Wiliams (RB) were expected to see some first team snaps while Ashton White (CB) is further down on the depth chart.

A sixth player, starting cornerback Devin Butler, as also arrested for felony battery to law enforcement following an incident at Notre Dame's Linebacker Lounge:

Butler was already expected to miss Notre Dame's 9/4 tilt with Texas, but this should ensure that he doesn't see the field - possibly ever again for the Irish.  Given that ND tends to take a hard disciplinary line in general, the odds are decent that all the players arrested in the weed n' gun fiasco also catch at least a one game suspension unless some significantly mitigating circumstances come out between now and Game Day.

If suspensions come down they'll likely amount to more of a nuisance than a hammerblow for ND on 9/4, though having one fewer experienced linebacker and strong safety on hand to handle D'Onta Foreman and Chris Warren could help the 500 Pounds Of F*** You Backfield break off a few more long runs.

It's also not the kind of issue any head coach wants to deal with when he's two weeks out from game time, and at minimum speaks to an Irish squad that may not be 100% dialed in for their matchup with Texas.

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