For what it's worth, two articles on Beck

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The first is arguably more interesting, however dated. Beck's comments then seem to suggest that our offense may be suffering more from a systematic problem than a problem with any one coach.

There are some little nuggets in the second one as well, especially insofar as Herman's attempt to run the program goes. From the comments Beck gave about what he had taken away from working with Meyer, it seems that there is a chance that Herman is trying to simply apply Meyer's blueprint to Texas, without necessarily considering its applicability here, or perhaps more importantly, his own ability to carry out Meyer's style of coaching. While borrowing and learning from good ideas cannot hurt, there is often a notable difference between theory and practice. Moreover, given the largely negative results of some schools' attempts to be like Alabama by hiring former Saban assistants and hoping that they are as good at doing Saban things as Saban is, the possibility of Herman trying to coach just like Meyer does makes me a bit nervous. It might even scare me to death.

With that said, I will grant that it's still a bit early to attempt to judge what the final product of Herman's coaching may end up looking like, but perhaps there's more than just a feeling to the sense that the offensive staff is trying to jam square pegs into round holes.

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