Does Herman have OCD tendencies?

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Armchair quarterbacking and offensive coordinating is fairly commonplace, so I thought I'd take it up a notch and do some armchair psychoanalyzing.

From the off-season Kool aid drinking, it seemed to be a consensus that Herman was an offensive mastermind. But a few things I've read make me think he is a slave to his obsessive approach, and is perhaps unable to adapt to change, which is sometimes known as adversity, or a 5-5 football season. This obsessive approach works great in the offseason, but as injuries mount and the challenge to accept the reality on the field grows, I think a whole different approach is needed to get through the season. In fact, an opposite approach. Unfortunately, very few coaches are wired that way. And so, I don't expect to see too much progress until next year.

His obsession with details:

1. Championship level urine should be all I have to say.

2. This last game he told himself before the game that Sam was going to play quarterback for the 4th series and the 4th series only. That just happened to be a redzone situation. I don't know..if you just want to get his feet wet, perhaps not throw him into a tense situation if you don't have confidence in him to play more than one series? Could the 5th series worked just as well? Why did it have to be the 4th?

3. The story from his days at Rice (I think) when a star recruit was coming and so he spent all night cleaning the hallway, possibly with a toothbrush, until it was sufficiently clean. OCD or just a shitty ass custodial department?

3. Alignment. Forcing the players to align with his corporate culture sounds good in the offseason, but when the Offensive coaching staff can't align themselves with the reality of the football field, it's no wonder many of the players on offense have mentally checked out at different times during the season. At a certain point, the urine can't have a lower specific gravity, it can't be any clearer...and then what?

Yes, I know that all coaches need to focus on details, but they need to see the forest from the trees as well.

The other way to look at it is that Herman has never had to deal with failure and so he doesn't have experience having to adapt. Perhaps that 's what it is, and a high dose of selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitors aren't needed, at least for the coaching staff to deal with another trainwreck season, but what we've seen so far this season should make us all at least ask these questions.

Coach Orlando, in contrast, does seem to know how to adapt to reality. His second half plan is usually better than the first half. That is promising, assuming we can keep him on the staff.

Prozac, anyone?

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