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The Future of Football - Let’s discuss

NCAA Football: Texas Spring Game John Gutierrez-USA TODAY Sports

A story I wanted to which I wanted to draw your attention...

The Future of Football: Football 3.0

Spencer knocked this out a few days ago. Thoughtful and interesting piece in six parts and a coda. The game has changed a great deal in the last 20 years, with the inexorable combining of science and fitness. f=m*a as a formula is immutable but the variables have gone nuts.

Force is at the core of football, and it is also what could kill football. Curbing the game’s plague of force-related issues — without creating an entirely new sport and burying the old one completely — means dealing with force as a necessary evil at worst, and as a prohibited but inevitable ghost in the machine at best.

The future of football will be about reducing force wherever possible, redirecting it, or eliminating it altogether.

Are you OK knowing that many of the players you love watching on the weekends are trading away anything close to comfort in their post-football years? How will or must the game change? How quickly will it change? What are the drivers?

I love the game. I love a crunching hit. Can we keep that in the new football? Maybe we eliminate concussions and increase punctured lungs. Needto do more study of rugby.

Good read. Love to see a discussion of it here.