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Texas Still Seeking Grad Transfer Solutions

Nevada v Notre Dame Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

The Longhorns are in the market. So far, they’ve landed an extra blocking surface from Syracuse.

Texas has actively recruited Brandon Harris (formerly LSU, picked North Carolina), Malik Zaire (Notre Dame, pending decision) and Kyle Bolin (Louisville, picked Rutgers) to flesh out a thin two scholarship QB depth chart consisting of a sophomore and a true freshman. The lure of a Russell Wilson grad transfer who can lead you to a Rose Bowl is strong, but Texas will settle for a guy who can hit some open receivers, provide Ehlinger a redshirt, and not lose the game for us.

Unfortunately, the greatest lure to any transfer - much less a one year rental - is the promise of a starting job. And a returning starter at QB poses problems. While Tom Herman can promise honest competition, most grad transfers would prefer an anointing.

The other hurdle is that Texas tends to conduct itself as a real university when considering transfer credits and may not accept all of the credits from that Elementary Education Human Studies Food Sciences degree.

Jake Trotter has a good article detailing the appeal of grad transfers as instant depth chart solutions and how commonplace the practice is becoming.

Oklahoma State secured two starters (a DB and OT) this offseason. Texas is still waiting on their coup.