Last Chance U: Season 3

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I made myself ration the new season...and still chewed through the all the episodes in 3 days.

The coach makes or breaks the show and I found this guy at least had a soul in comparison to the Stephens guy from the last two seasons.

Nothing may ever top Coach Brown sitting in a jacuzzi, smoking a cigar, sipping liquor--while admitting that he didn't watch film before game 1 and labeling himself something of an offensive savant...and then getting smoked by 50.

I was prepared to roast Malik Henry but I honestly think the dude may have clinical depression. That last scene with his dad and his trainer at breakfast...that felt too freaking raw.

After seasons 1-2 I already had my eyes opened to how incredibly difficult it is for any JUCO player to make it D1, let alone thrive. And those guys had it good! These dudes had to get pizza ordered for them by the coach because of the barely-edible cafeteria food...and their QB coach is a volunteer living in the dorms.

As an educator, I loved Ms. P. Ms. Wagner had her place but Ms. P is doing real work. I don't want to spoil anything but her work literally had her in tears. Honest, sincere tears over what education really means.

I have a ton more thoughts--I should have taken notes while I watched, ha--but I'll stop here for the time being. Would love to hear my fellow BCers thoughts.

Be excellent to each other.

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