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The 7th annual 2019 Thinking Texas Football preview is now available in print & e-book

Get the best Texas and Big 12 preview on the market. The Burnt Orange Bible is available on Smashwords, Amazon, Apple & B&N in paperback and ebook.

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Time to get your Burnt Orange Bible. Now available for the first time in print in addition to the e-version.

A program on the rise is a lot of fun to write and read about. This book will be as fun for you to read as it was for me to write.

The 7th edition of Thinking Texas Football is the best Texas Longhorn and Big 12 football preview on the market; the season companion that Longhorn football fans can’t do without.

Expect program insight, clean analytical writing and dry wit that you won’t find anywhere else. Written for the discriminating fan who wants more than the typical preseason pablum, the 2019 Prospectus features breakdowns of the Texas offense, defense, special teams, coaching staff, every individual player and position group, a comprehensive, detailed scouting report on every season opponent, Big 12 predictions, analysis of the NFL draft by conference, and thoughtful evaluation of the Longhorn recruiting class with an emphasis on early contributors. And special features with terrific action-packed photos by ace photographer Will Gallagher throughout.

It’s available on Smashwords, Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble. Here’s how to get it...


Do you like print? Paperback? A real book you can put on your Longhorn altar or throw at your television? Get it here on Amazon. You’ll have it in your hands within 24-72 hours.


When you buy at our independent publisher Smashwords, we keep a substantially higher cut of the proceeds than with any other merchant. And you support an indy publisher. We’re thrilled wherever you choose to buy it, though.

No matter your variety of e-reader, you can buy a compatible version through Smashwords. It supports every platform (Kindle, iPad, smart phone, Sony, Nook, your PC or Mac) and it looks great. You can also purchase and read directly on your computer. Are you reading this post? Then you can read the book.

Here’s a helpful walk-thru of how to do it. It will take 30 seconds.

Getting Started

Read ebooks on your personal computer

Downloading to Apple iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

Downloading to the Kindle, Kindle Fire

Downloading to the Barnes & Noble Nook, and Kobo

FYI: Digital Editions is a good reader for Mac or PC that can read epub


APPLE iBooks

Now available. Put those iTunes gift cards to good use.



Now available on Barnes and Noble.



1. Buy it. Better yet, Smash it. Or get the print version. But we appreciate wherever you get it.

2. Rate & Review. It’s critical to the publication’s success. Five stars and a few informative words about what you liked is vital in convincing prospective readers to jump in.

3. Spread the word. Tell others on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, your Longhorn e-mail chain. Put up a post on your favorite Longhorn website. Share with your local Texas-Exes chapter. Word of mouth is the book’s lifeblood.


Enjoy the read.

Hook ‘em!

— Paul Wadlington (author)

— Scott Gerlach (graphical genius)

— Will Gallagher (Longhorn photographer par excellence. Explore his visual art at Gallagher Studios)