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As best I can tell, my first ‘real’ article on here was about 7 years ago and it was titled ‘A Three-Part Fool’s Errand’. It was the first of many foolish attempts to quantify a basketball program that regularly, uhh let’s say diverged from expectations, but it was enough that it got me noticed by the Sailor In Charge. (We would call him the Head Seaman but none of us can say it without giggling.) He and Paul gave me access to write for the site, pointed me in a general direction, and off I ran. For the next 7 years or so, I wrote about Texas, Rick Barnes, the Big 12, Shaka Smart, March Madness, and pretty much any topic that allowed me to take shots at Scott Drew.

Three hundred and sixty-odd fool’s errands later, I’m moving on. I’ve accomplished my goal of looking like a fool more times than I could have ever imagined; whether it was the time I helped write 42,000 words on a Texas team that won approximately once for every 3,800 words contributed, the time I laid out how Texas could make a Final Four in the season that got Rick Barnes fired to resign, the time I helped write 46,000 words on a Texas team whose season highlight was directly related to a player getting cancer, the time I called for a coach to get canned right before he reeled off five straight wins to save his job, or the time I let my girlfriend write about whatever the damn hell she wanted. It’s been a remarkable run, and I’d like to thank Paul & Drew for having the vision to see that I would fulfill my destiny as The Smartest Reliably Wrong College Basketball Writer on SBNation. I wouldn’t be here without them. I’d also like to thank y’all for reading and commenting, if you weren’t around I’d be shouting into the void online just as much as I do in my study when I’m working from home. Thank you for letting me shout in your general direction, the reverb is much less severe with people in the room.

I’ve created a Substack account where I’ll continue writing on my own time; the cadence will be a bit slower than here as I’m going to try to balance work and writing a bit better, but I’ll keep writing about Texas basketball over there. If you’re interested, stop on by.