'Horn's down,' is taunting? Really?

Insulting? Nah.

What has been-- and still is-- insulting is the mid-B12 level of performance of the Longhorn football team, which, IMO, results from the continued systemic football-program dysfunction, likely the result of the co-dependence of the U's administration and their BMD's.

Also 'insulting, taunting and embarrassing' are these farcical, 'Texas-Proud,' recent public spectacles: the messy firing of Mack Brown--Texas' second-winningest coach; Red's loose lips after Strong was hired; the University limiting Strong's perogatives after his hire; the horribly embarrassing grovel-to-Tulsa Texas caravan, begging for a new coache's help; the 'Eyes of Texas' song's bad publicity; Urban Meyer's cynical Texas-fandom manipulation, leaving the Longhorn Nation in the lurch holding its figurative dick-in-hand; and, last but not least, firing an inept, immature Tom Herman.

Insulted and taunted? Relive the 11-plus recent years of Texas' agonizing mediocrity.

Embarrassed? This in spite of all the available resources of The University of Texas.

Fact: the Horns are down.

Be excellent to each other.