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Bash Your Bookie Bets: Week 2

Really missed on Virginia last week and Florida State didn't show up like I thought they would until the second half vs. Clemson.

Anyway, I went 3-2 plus an additonal unit with the Big 12 pick of the week Missouri covering after a furious comeback bid by the fighting alumni. That's what happens when the mobile starting QB you've prepared for all offseason gets injured and the backup dropback passer you've never studied comes in. Are you taking notes Mack Brown.

Anyway, on to week 2 with a record of 3-2 and up two units. Not bad. So far so profitable.

The picks with the Big 12 Pick of the Week double starred.
Here's the card for week 2...

Miami vs. OU under 44
Sam Bradford will have to make plays to move the chains this week. No quick hitch with 60 yards of RAC. He'll see more 3rd and longs than Jenna Jamison this weekend. Randy Shannon won't allow Kirby Freeman to make mistakes and it'll be 3 yards and a cloud of dust all day. The total stays way under. 21 to 10 Oklahoma.

Michigan -7 vs. Oregon
Is there an angrier team in country than Big Blue? This is a talented, pissed off football team playing against a soft Oregon squad who gave up 6.5 yards a rush and 545 yards of offense to Cougar high. Now, what's one of the best Olines in the nation going to do to the Ducks?

Michigan's front 7 won't allow Oregon to stay in its comfort zone and run the football out of the spread. And once Oregon gets behind, look out. You don't have to worry about a motivated Goliath. There's a ton of value here as Michigan is probably a two TD favorite even with a tiny win against Appy State. Take advantage of a huge overreaction by the oddsmakers. Prediction...Michigan rolls 41 to 17

OSU -23 vs. Fla Atl **(2 units)
Look out, it's the Big 12 pick of the week. Ok State will name its score this weekend like it does against most also rans. It dropped half a hundred with the same offensive personnel vs. Fla ATL last year. This year will be no different. Especially after playing poorly against a stacked Georgia D. Final OSU 52 Fla ATL 17

Oregon State -3.5 @ Cincy Thursday night
Oregon State is better at every position with the exception of QB. They should be able to run the ball effectively without the miscues they experienced last week vs. Utah. They get it done vs. the Bearcats 24 to 17.

Mizzu -6 @ Ole Miss
What more can you say, Daniel and company dropped 40 points on a pretty salty Illini front 7 last week for the cover in the Big 12 pick of the week. The Illini rallied, however, behind their backup QB to make it a game after Mizzu jumped out to a 37 to 13 margin. I'm always hesitant to lay chalk on the road vs. an SEC school, but Ole Miss is horrid. Especially on the offensive side of the ball. They posted a paltry 260 yards of total offense vs. an average Memphis defense last week. They had just one sustained scoring drive where they went 12 plays 92 yards in the first quarter. Their only other touchdowns came off of a 3 play 34 yard drive off a turnover and a 99 yard interception return for a TD. Oh, by the way, they gave up 467 yards to Memphis and were out first downed 30 to 19.

Mizzu will get to the thirties this game and the last time Ole Miss got to 28 was the first game of 2006 vs. you guessed it, Memphis. Mizzu wins big 35 to 17.

Good luck to everyone.