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Franchione chooses termination over resignation

Aggie coach Dennis Franchione wants everyone to know that he isn't going to resign.

Everyone wants Dennis Franchione to know that he won't have to.

"I have no intention of resigning this position," Franchione said at his weekly news conference yesterday.

It wasn't his usual press conference. His wife was there along with Aggie players and the CEO of Little Debbie. The players gave him a standing ovation when he entered the room. The CEO gave him a Star Crunch.

QB Stephen McGee came up with the idea to show support. The players entered the auditorium through a back stairwell because Miami DE Calais Campbell was standing in the front entrance forcing them to change their entire strategy.

Franchione told the assembled that he had the support of Aggie AD Bill Byrne and that he was a bit of a pussy.

"I do have feelings, and I am sensitive," Franchione said. "Everybody needs to know that."

If there's one thing everybody now knows, it's that.

"I do make mistakes, as I have," he continued. "But all the people that have come to my guidance are really important. And the good Lord being with me is really important."

Being 3-13 against ranked teams is more important to Aggies.

One notable abscence was Byrne, who was in Washington on some previously scheduled trip. He did release a statement to the media though.

"I want to reinforce to members of the media and to our outstanding Aggie fans, I will not discuss matters pertaining to head coaches during their seasons," Byrne said.

Franchione is done.