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Fantasy Football: Waiver Wire Wonders Week 4

Three weeks ago, I recommended some crucial waiver wire pick-ups that were available in most Yahoo leagues.

If you followed my advice, you're in a good place right now. Let's revisit my original picks and discuss some other prospects going forward...

Remember, these were waiver wire recs - free money - so spare me your "62 yards and a TD isn't that great" takes.


Blew this position out of the water. If you grabbed some of these guys, you're stocked with quality depth, several starters, and you've got big upsides waiting on injury and phase outs. Or you got a useful three week hook-up that you can now discard.

LeSean McCoy - Westbrook predictably goes out, McCoy gets the start, racks up 100+ yards from scrimmage and a touchdown. Gee, who could have guessed? As bye weeks roll in, foolish owners will cut McCoy when Westbrook has two healthy games. Grab him. Westbrook will get banged up again and you'll get top level production without having paid a dime. He's still available in a lot of leagues.

Leon Washington - He's now getting equal carries to Thomas Jones and Ryan has a hard-on for him. Good depth guy and a quality situational play. He's a no cost producer with an upside. Do you like him on turf against New Orleans? I do.

Ray Rice - I called him undervalued and he still is. I love his 7-12 points per week consistency. Currently outscoring Michael Turner, tied with Steven Jackson. McGahee vultures his goalline ops, but whatcha gonna do? He'll still amass 1500+ yards from scrimmage and 8-9 TDs. Not shabby for a guy available in Round 12.

Donald Brown - He's splitting time with Addai now after two consecutive great games. Stick with him and hang tight.

Fred Jackson - Meet the 6th highest scoring back in fantasy football going into Week 4. Lynch is now back and that means a workload split. If you can trade Jackson for inflated value, do so. If not, keep him around - Lynch could go down. Even if he doesn't, he's a solid situational flex play.

Cadillac Williams - Great early production. Now Tampa Bay is a ghost ship of an organization teetering on the reef. Run away soon.

Correll Buckhalter - Another nice situational pick up. 270 yards from scrimmage in 3 games isn't bad for a player that cost you nothing. As Knowshon gets healthier, expect a an unfavorable 75-25 split.


I didn't see much value here. I certainly didn't anticipate Mario Manningham doing what he did. Curious to see how that holds when Hixon and Nicks return from injury. There wasn't much before the year that screamed out to me and Chris Henry was my only rec.

Chris Henry - Apparently has a quad problem. Oh well, that's the beauty of the wire. Cut his ass - he cost you nothing. Andre Caldwell has taken his looks, but keep an eye on him - when Henry decides he wants to/can play, he can be good.

I mentioned these two below as keep your eye on types.

Hakeem Nicks - Injured all year. Now totally eclipsed by Mario Manningham, Steve Smith. Ignore him until he shows something. He's healthy this week, I believe.

Josh Morgan - SF just doesn't focus on their WRs.


Vernon Davis - He's the #3 TE in the NFL in fantasy production. Please ignore Vasherized when discussing the TE position.

Jermicheal Finley - I still think he has a decent upside. Check him out against Minnesota Monday night and make a determination. Certainly don't hold him if Vernon Davis or Celek are available to you.


I was correct in describing the waiver wire availables as situational plays. Jake Delhomme has to be betting on games. Flacco is the exception. He has been fantastic and a top 10 QB. He doesn't have a ton of weapons to work with, but he throws strikes and the Raven running game sets him up nicely. I have Joe and Schaub as my QBs and I feel pretty damn good about that given that I drafted Schaub around Round 6-7 and grabbed Joey off of waivers.

David Garrard and Kyle Orton are probably your best bye week/injury fillers. Just play the matchup.

Looking ahead:


Glen Coffee - Coffee is for closers for the next 3-4 weeks. SF gets favorable matchups (Rams at home for God's sake) and Coffee is guaranteed 20 carries. He's not that dynamic, but even if he gains 70 yards, there's a strong probability of a TD. Get your use out of him and then ditch him if/when appropriate.

Tashard Choice - I like him for as long as Felix Jones is out. Even splitting carries with Barber, he's guaranteed 15-18 touches in the NFL's best running game. Lay up.

Ricky Williams - He's scoring points and he's been looking better than Ronnie Brown. Definitely a good bye week fix and a possible flex play.


Lots of choices here, most half owned. You just need to work the wire on your league and see who is available. Mike Sims-Walker is Jacksonville's #1 WR now and well worth grabbing. Nate Burleson has eclipsed TJ Hoosh in Seattle and he's still available in 40% of yahoo leagues (amazingly). Pierre Garcon has big play upside, but doesn't get a lot of targets. So be mindful that you may be in for feast and famine. If you're looking for a Hail Mary in deep 14 team leagues or 3 WR starter 12 man leagues, look at Kenny Britt or Malcolm Floyd. They're big boys that can make a play downfield or in the red zone for you.


Brent Celek - Go get this guy post haste. A lot of people still haven't noticed him and the Eagles are on bye. His output isn't going away so long as the Eagles throw it 40 per.


The NFL has five deeply dysfunctional offenses. Find a top half defense facing the Rams, Browns, Bucs, Raiders, Chiefs and you'll be just fine and you'll score just as many points over the course of the year as that Minnesota/Pittsburgh defense someone drafted in the 6th round. This week I like San Francisco at home against St Louis and Cincy @ Cleveland.

Let's chat - happy to discuss trades, pick ups, debate starters for Week 4.