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VY Forever

Forever, as in, that's how long we'll keep talking about him, rooting for him and defending his grievances, self-inflicted or not.

Accepting this Credo of Invinceibility, here are a few interesting links of late to read and respond to:

bateshorn opened the fifth seal of the apocalypse and Redskin fan is twitchy. Such is life under Dan Snyder.

From Spencer Hall's everydayshouldbeVYday:

It is delightful that Tennessee drafted someone who will put up Vince Young's passing numbers, but who will not be all sulkypants crazy like Vince, and that everyone in Nashville will be totally cool with this.

Vince Young Steakhouse won the best player-owned restaurant award. That's one lukewarm appetizer away from collecting a James Beard award. I doubt Thomas Keller is losing any sleep but it's another example of VY's inability not to win.

PB thinks Vince Young Can Throw Uncle Rico.

Now Geoff Fisher says VY is a Winner. wtf10?! Calculating, that mustache.

In your best display of blind loyalty, tell us why VY still rules your footballing, culinary, and fashion worlds.