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Jamile Johnson Commits - 2015 Texas Longhorn Football Recruiting

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Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The 6-0, 195 pound cornerback/safety from Dallas South Oak Cliff committed to Texas.  He had previously committed to Oklahoma (February) and North Carolina (August), respectively.

Third time is a charm?

Johnson is a consensus 3 star recruit (4 on ESPN, 3 on 24/7 & Rivals).  It's now a broken record on Charlie Strong DB recruits, but Johnson is physical, loves to mix it up and could excel as a zone corner or college safety.

DISD guys can be tough to project and can frankly struggle with campus life, but Johnson certainly has the physical tools to get it done.  He also has the Greg Oden/Robert Parrish "looks 38 when he's 18" thing going which I enjoy immensely.

Johnson's commitment brings the 2015 class to 16.  There's room for 10 or more.