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David Ash Retires; Tank Jackson out for the Season

From Charlie Strong's 6 p.m. press conference.

Cooper Neill

Texas head coach Charlie Strong announced at his 6 p.m. press conference this evening that quarterback David Ash would no longer play football for The University of Texas out of concern for his health.

Ash has suffered at least three concussions over the last year, and was knocked out of both the 2013 and 2014 seasons.  Last year, he reportedly felt recurring symptoms for months.  No specifics regarding his health in the immediate wake of his injury in the season opener against the University of North Texas have been released -- except of course, this announcement that Ash is effectively retired.

This marks the end of a somewhat star-crossed career for Ash, as many of us do not believe we ever saw him play to the ceiling of his potential, largely due to factors beyond his control.  But obviously, to say that Ash's lifelong health is far more important than football undersells the point by a West Texas highway mile.

Strong also announced that senior DT Desmond "Tank" Jackson will have foot surgery and miss the remainder of the season. Jackson was injured in last Saturday's loss to UCLA.

More details to follow.

And Godspeed, David.