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Texas Basketball releases full schedule

NCAA Basketball: NIT Final Wendell Cruz-USA TODAY Sports

The Texas Longhorns released their non-conference schedule a couple months back, but this week they released the conference games as well.

They released the potential TV channels the games will be on, and you’ll notice a couple of “Big12Now” mentions.

Big12Now is basically ESPN+, so there’s a pair of games you’re likely to have to pay $5/month to see. They’re two weeks apart, so maybe cross your fingers they offer a 2-week free trial around then. If you want to see the games at Oklahoma State and at TCU and can’t make it to the venue, this is your heads up.

It’s one step closer to the season getting here. I’m currently working on the season preview, which will be 8-9 pieces that start posting in early October (shooting for the intro to post on the 8th right now). I’ve been limbering up my sarcasm legs, though it appears CDC doesn’t quite get it so maybe it’s rusty.

I’ll run through the usual roster talk, out of conference notes, put forth a terrible recruiting piece, a rundown of the Big 12, and a couple other bits that will hopefully be pleasant surprises. It will follow a relatively similar format as last year, albeit with less of me crowing about how I was right that more players would start looking at other avenues to the NBA. I mean, I’ll still crow....just less. A bit less.

I should also note that my GF and I are going to Italy at the end of October and into November, so there probably won’t be recaps of the Northern Colorado, Purdue, and California Baptist games unless someone else does it, I’m up at like 2 AM local time, and/or the natives have chased my American ass into the AirBnB for accidentally peeing in their most famous fountain. At that point I would have plenty of free time not leaving the place. I’ll be spending my birthday riding a train from Venice to Rome, which seems more important than Texas waxing the Northern Colorado Bears.

43 days until the season begins, y’all.