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Crabtree is eligible

Yesterday's rumors of a possible violation by All American Texas Tech WR Michael Crabtree seemed to be much ado about nothing.

A marketing company was going to build a Crabtree For Heisman promotional site. Then, Texas Tech told Crabtree that the site would be a violation, so he instructed them not to build it and then it went live inadvertently. Tech self reported a possible violation.

“It looks like Texas Tech did work with us,” NCAA spokesperson Chuck Wynne said. “Based on the information provided to us by Texas Tech, there doesn’t appear to be a violation.”

According to, when asked about the Crabtree situation, Leach deadpanned, “Papers weren’t stacked right. Now they are."

Leach never misses a layup.

Big 12 coordinators can rest assured that this is Crabtree's last year playing on Saturdays.