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Charlie Strong Kansas Press Conference, 9-22-14

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A quick summary of his Kansas week presser.

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Chris Covatta

Strong was relaxed and confident.

Quick highlights:

  • No suspended players will play
  • Daje is practicing
  • Estelle & Harrison are not practicing, but will return some time this week
  • Some of our seniors aren't playing their best football.  Need to step it up
  • "We know we have to score points, generate offense, big plays."
  • QB - we can start opening it up a little now.  He has game experience
  • RBs need to know it won't always be blocked perfectly - sometimes you need to run over someone
  • When you go on the road, you better pack your defense.  It's the best way to take a crowd out of the game
  • TE Greg Daniels is back.  Slowly being worked back in
  • Recruiting unaffected by 1-2 start.  "We just need to get the right ones"
  • Reporter asked if Ridgeway will start for Tank.  Strong laughed and said,"Yeah, but at what position?"  He didn't clarify what he meant by that.  I think we may be starting Ridgeway at 3 tech and Brown at NT as I mentioned in my defensive bye week post.  We'll see on game day.  Could be a potent combo if Ridge wreaks havoc in the gap. No center in college football can single block Malcom Brown
  • Strong laughed about the coin toss.  Desmond Jackson got excited and lost his mind
  • OL is piecemeal.  Darius James is improving and practicing well - may play
  • Cedric Reed is playing fine.  Don't get caught up in numbers
  • The punt against UCLA failed because we didn't kick left.  We had coverage slanted left.  Gunner gets pinned, we missed a tackle and the coverage team stopped pursuing.  Punt was also a line drive - no hang time
  • Swoopes is learning to become a student of the game.  Starting to do more self-study without coaches around.  He realizes it's now his team
  • "We're not going to play freshmen 20-25 snaps and waste a whole year"
  • Jerrod Heard playing is dependent on game situations and how the season goes overall
  • Punt return - "We want it caught - we want to be a punt block team"
  • Called Kirk Bohls "Curt" again.  Highlight of every press conference
  • Jason Hall will keep starting in the nickel