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Jake Raulerson To Transfer

A headliner from the 2013 recruiting class elects to move on.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Junior-to-be and presumed-starting-center-to-be Jake Raulerson announced via Twitter that he'll be pursuing a graduate transfer:

Jake will earn his degree from McCombs in the Spring (in three years - not bad work, there) and should have two seasons of eligibility wherever he lands.

There had been behind-the-scenes smoke that Raulerson's relationship with OL coach Joe Wickline had been strained to say the least.  While Wick's return has been considered up in the air as Texas' OC search shakes out, Raulerson made the decision to seek greener pastures prior to any new staff announcements.

This probably leaves Patrick Vahe, Garrett Thomas and maybe Terrell Cuney as your top candidates for the starting center spot next season.

Best of luck to Jake wherever he ends up.