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Texas Hires Sterlin Gilbert

From Tulsa by way of the Art Briles Coaching Tree, the Longhorns have a new offensive architect.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

As first reported by Jeff Howe at 247 Sports, Texas has sealed the deal with Sterling Starlin Steadman


Sterlin Gilbert:

We've had some good discussion herehere and here about just how Gilbert and the Briles 5333 Spread/Veer and Shoot/Tulsa Drill N' Thrill offense syncs up with Texas' current offensive roster and compares to some other overall offensive styles.  A renewed deep dive is forthcoming, but the Cliff's Notes include:

- An offense with an impeccable record of high-level production at Baylor that has also propelled Briles assistants Dino Babers (Eastern Illinois > Bowling Green > Syracuse) and Phil Montgomery (Tulsa) into the head coaching ranks.

- A system that should offer the production and opportunities to keep you in the mix with just about every offensive player in the state from a recruiting standpoint

- A diverse run scheme that incorporates both zone and gap blocking and offers a terrific opportunity for guys like Foreman and Warren to get downhill and dirty against honest box numbers

- The ability to utilize a QB's legs as anything from a keep-them-honest constraint to a true weapon, depending on said legs

- An air attack characterized by wide splits, a heavy emphasis on WR screens and Run/Pass Option throws to punish defenses for cheating against the run and a heaping helping of deep shots to favorable matchups in single coverage

- A traditional reliance on strong-armed QBs that could require some adaptation if a guy like Heard or Buechele is under center

- A "plug and play" reputation that's mainly been built on plugging in and playing guys in roughly their redshirt junior seasons - QB fluency is one of several reasons to dial back expectations for 2012 Nick Florence/2013 Bryce Petty production straight out of the gate

It's widely rumored that Gilbert will bring Tulsa co-OC Matt Mattox with him to take over OL coaching duties.  Jeff Traylor is a lock to remain on the offensive staff, and other than that things are likely up for grabs - in an ideal world you'd have the whole staff in place going into this recruiting weekend, but if the perfect candidates aren't in the hopper you probably just rely on Gilbert, Mattox and Traylor to sell the vision and take your time to lock in the best combination of recruiting and teaching you can find over the next few weeks.

It was a ride that probably seemed a little bumpier than it really was since last Sunday, but now Charlie has his man.  Welcome aboard, Starling.