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Monday Funday: The OC Search

The lowdown on Charlie's efforts to lock down his 2016 signal caller.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

After a dramatic hang-on-from-ahead win against Ocelot Steelcock and the Baylor Bears brought the Longhorns to 5-7, the afterglow lingered for seven, eight, or even as many as nine seconds.

Then all thoughts turned to overhauling the offense for 2016, with particular emphasis on elevating the passing game from a smooth 114th in S&P+ ranking.

To that end, the leader in the clubhouse for 2016 coordinatin' duties, TCU's Sonny Cumbie, had a sit-down with Charlie Strong (and, interestingly enough, Jeff Traylor) in Fort Worth (Board of Tourism Motto:  We're Not Arlington!) on Sunday afternoon.  By all reports an offer was extended, and it sounds like it was for the Full Monty - three years guaranteed at a mil per, though Pom Squad prima nocte could still be a sticking point.

(Speaking of "by all reports" - Barking Carnival hasn't had a line on real inside intel since an embarrassing incident a couple of years back at a Big Money Donor's home involving Vasherized, two bottles of port, a small house fire and a very traumatized Lhasa Apso.  We'll bring the breaking as it becomes publicly available, but if times like these have you hankering for up-to-the-minute insider-y goodness then the boys at Inside Texas will prove well worth your $9.99).

As of this writing the read is that while Cumbie's definitely interested and mulling things over, this one isn't in the bag yet.  A few revolutions of the ol' Coaching Carousel could see Cumbie presented with the chance to stay at TCU as the sole OC (should Matt McConaughey doppelganger Doug Meacham land a head coaching gig in the very near term), get a look from OU (should East Carolina lure Lincoln Riley back to the fold after parting ways with Ruffin McNeil) or even sign on for The Kevin Sumlin Experience if the Ags drop the axe on Jake Spavital.  Charlie is, at minimum, planning to cover his bases by interviewing Tulsa's Sterling Gilbert - the pre-eminent practitioner of Briles-style O that's available on the open OC market - at some point today.

There's plenty to be said for both Cumbie and Gilbert as candidates.  While Cumbie may put a bigger check in the absolutely critical box of "conjure a competent QB by Notre Dame," Gilbert also boasts a solid QB development resume that includes Walter Payton Award Winner Jimmy Garoppolo.

News could come down in a minute, an hour, or a day, but time is of the essence with the start of this year's recruiting dead period looming on December 14 (and a planned in-home visit with 2016 QB commitment Shane Buechele even loom-ier on Wednesday).

We'll keep this thing updated as news comes down - should be an interesting 48 hours on the 40 Acres.

UPDATE #1 (11:56 PM):  Sounds like Cumbie is on the Texas campus for a follow-on meeting.  If Charlie hasn't had a TaskRabbited hipster waiting in the Franklin's line since 9:00 AM so that we can ply Sonny with some of Aaron's best brisket, it's a sign of DISORGANIZED COACHING, IMO.

UPDATE #2 (2:55 PM): We may not have a formal announcement today, but apparently some TCU insiders are starting to wave the white flag.  Only a Sith deals in absolutes, but this thing could be getting close to a conclusion.

UPDATE #3 (6:20 PM): Cumbie is back in Ft. Worth - doubtful we get any definite word tonight as he's likely discussing things with his family.  There's also the notion afoot that Texas will hold off on any official announcement until they have several other staff hires lined up, so no news might not mean bad news as we head into the morrow.