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Bob Stoops in Texas: "This is our home state, and it'll always be that way."

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The Sooner Caravan made a stop at the Gleneagles Country Club in Plano last week, and Bob Stoops firmly planted the OU flag in Texas soil.

Stoops claimed Texas (and its fertile recruiting ground) for all Sooner sports even going to far as to make this comparison.

"Dallas is every bit just like Norman. This is our home state, and it'll always be that way."

But that doesn't mean that beating Texas is the be all and end all to Sooner Bob.

Stoops may claim Texas as a territory but he isn't ready to announce that beating the Longhorns is just the neatest thing in the world.

One question for Stoops: "Anything better than hanging half a hundred on Texas?"

Stoops: "I've said this since I walked in here in '99, our program is not defined by beating them. We beat them and don't end up winning the championship, I could care less."

Stoops went on to point out that OU manhandled Texas 55-17 and lost three Big 12 games the rest of the way and thus didn't win the Big 12.

"We want to win championships. And that's it. If they're a part of it, then that's good."

"I've never wavered from that," Stoops said. "We don't measure ourselves by (beating Texas). We measure ourselves by winning championships. We've won a bunch, and we hope to win a bunch more."

October 13, 2012 on the floor of the Cotton Bowl...

There Will Be Blood.