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Vince's Place.
Vince's Place.

At SB Nation we have some really cool sponsors, sponsors whose products I actually use. Take Guinness for instance. I drink that stuff all the time.

Samsung is also a sponsor and they have asked us to write about our favorite college highlight and in exchange for doing that and getting you to offer up some of your favorite highlights, they want to toss some lucre into the Barking Carnival Tailgate fund for this Fall.

It's easy to come up with highlights you remember well - Ricky's run for the record, TJ hugging Barnes on the way to New Orleans, James Brown's Roll Left, etc. It's also easy to come up with obscure stuff.

But if we're going to really kick this off, I have to go with VY, 4th and 5. Invinceable, indeed.

Due to some family medical issues, I couldn't attend that game in person. But I did watch it on a Samsung TV.

VY Forever.

Give me some of your favorite college sports highlights.