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Penn State Kicker Anthony Fera Visiting the Longhorns?

<em>Fera Faucet?</em>
Fera Faucet?

That's the current word on the unimpeachable Nittany Lion message boards, the internet's witness protection program for anyone being hunted by Reason.

With Fera visiting Texas this week, are any of our other kickers staying?

Who are you to deny the veracity of jmmstate, a man who still features a Joe Paterno avi on his profile?

Fera is a senior all-purpose kicking specialist who place kicked, kicked off, and punted for the Nittany Lions last year. He was 14 of 17 on field goals (a perfect 11 of 11 inside the 40) and averaged 42 yards per kick on 64 punts (18 inside the 20). His all-around performance was good enough to garner 2nd Team All Big 10 honors and 3x Big 10 Special Teams Player of The Week. His versatility makes him a useful remedy for whatever ails you in the kicking game.

Other relevant data points:

  • Fera is a Texas native (Houston St. Pius)
  • Fera hasn't announced his return to Happy Valley yet
  • Two of his sisters went to UT
  • We need help in the kicking game
  • When Mack was asked a direct question about going after Penn State players, he said "Oh, I dunno...people do lots of things" and then bit into an apple
  • If Fera kicks a deluge of field goals for us, I've got dibs on "Fera Faucet"

There are other teams in Texas that want his services, so a visit to Texas may not necessarily be a visit to TEXAS. And the University of Tennessee is going after him hard. So, yeah, UT. The possibilities for sitcom style misunderstandings are rich!!!!!

In any event, if possible, we should take him. It costs us nothing and making our kicking game rock solid is a necessary complement to a good defense.