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Texas-Maryland Historical Tidbits

Because I have nothing else better to do waiting for 11:00 am tomorrow

NCAA Football: Texas Spring Game John Gutierrez-USA TODAY Sports

I am sitting in my office, which is a totally worthless venture today, and decided I would rather be a little historical on BC rather than just stare at the computer screen.

For instance: Texas leads the all time series 3-0. Here are the number of points the Terps have scored against the Longhorns.





In 1959 Texas was on its way to the Cotton Bowl for the first time under Darrell Royal and shut out the Terps 26-0 in Austin.

In 1960, this time at Maryland, Texas won 34-0.

The teams didn’t play again until the 1978 Sun Bowl where Texas won 42-0.

Now I wasn’t a math major, but if I’m right, and the trend continues, Texas should win 50-0 tomorrow.

You can thank me later for the betting tip.

Maryland did enjoy some success under Jerry Claiborne in the mid to late 70’s.

Claiborne had played for Bear Bryant at Alabama and was an assistant with him at Texas A&M. He would eventually leave Maryland to coach at his alma mater. He finished with a 179-122-8 record.

His best season was in 1976 when the Terps went 11-0, reached #4 in the nation and then lost to Houston 30-21 in the Cotton Bowl. When Darrell resigned Claiborne’s name was prominently mentioned as a viable candidate to come to Texas by the national press.

Now about that Sun Bowl. Texas, of course hired Fred Akers, who didn’t mind proving that he was the right choice over Claiborne.

The ‘78 team featured the “Lam, Ham & Jam,” show which was on prominent display in El Paso. Johnny “Lam” Jones scored twice and was the offensive MVP of the game. Johnny “Ham” Jones and A.J. “Jam” Jones also scored for the Longhorns.

I covered the game for KTBC-TV, and while it was a relatively dull affair, I can assure you that the week in El Paso was anything but.

I could give you some more details, but then I would have to kill you.