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Ricky Williams Retires From the NFL

and he announces it through the University of Texas.

Williams is one of only 26 NFL running backs to rush for over 10,000 yards, and had five 1,000-yard seasons as a pro. All in all an excellent career -- but it is his time on the 40 Acres that matters most of all.

Of course I have always wished the best for former Longhorns in the NFL, but how they perform in the pros has meant next to nothing for me as far as how I remember them.

Ricky's contribution to Texas reaches far beyond his record-setting rushing totals, (6,279) touchdowns (75) or 100-+ yard rushing games (28).

Ricky ran to the beat of his own drummer, and he always gave a maximum effort. He was the foundation that Mack Brown built his program on.

Ricky, Thanks For the Memories.