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Eric Kelly & Church Street Boxing Gym

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The video should be enough to make you laugh, but then I decided to look up Church St Gym on Yelp. Let's hear from some of Eric's favorite Wall Street nerds and miscreants.

Guys! - Rusty R is just fuming:

I took great issue with one of the trainers, Eric. I enjoy being pushed, and a little "smack talk" in fun is sometimes motivational. But Eric was beyond playful to the point of rude and insulting.

That's because you are being insulted, Rusty. Eric is very clear about this.

Example: When I mentioned that I owned no diamonds (weird topic, I know) he said "this is because you're cheap. You're tight. In fact tighter than a frog's ass." Excuse me? This man didn't know me for more than 15 minutes and found this kind of talk appropriate? This continued as he referred to both me and my male classmate as "girls" in an intentionally insulting way as if to degrade his manhood and treat both of us like children. Surely this is his way to express his "authority" but really it just makes him pathetic. By the end of the class, I was fuming.


Natasha has had it with Church St Gym as well:

Bunch of idiots. They expect you on your day one to jump in the ring and act Muhammed Ali. They practically mock you from the sidelines.

Practically? Apparently, Eric can be quite sensitive...

The only exception so far to this place is the trainer who trains me (Eric) seems decent. He is a good trainer and not insulting when you don't want to go all the way.

No means no at Church Street!

Church Street Gym may infest you with flesh eating parasites. According to John M:

But the worst part was this gym gave me BEDBUGS!! I saw a couple tiny bugs in the ring last month and didn't think too much about it until I caught one in my gym bag. Definitely a bedbug, Ive seen the pics on the subway ads. I quietly brought it to the attention of the owner and he chewed my head off saying "you didn't find that here!!"

Church St Gym also gave me HERPES!! And pink eye!!! I've seen the pics in Times Square.

Good luck to you, Eric Kelly, you cut-from-suede, sonofabitch.